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Valuing all Intangible Assets

Michel Philippart, DBA

Michel Philippart holds 40 years of experience in academia, business and consultancy that lead him to consider intangible assets as essential building blocks of value creation. He started with supplier relationships, the focus of his doctorate (DBA 2016 and PhD in 2023) from Paris Dauphine, then extended this analysis to digital transformation.

In addition to his DBA he holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management (1989), and a metallurgical engineering degree from University of Liège (1983). Michel worked for the operations practices of Booz Allen (Chicago, Paris) and McKinsey (Brussels, Geneva), helping large clients transform their approach to supply chain. At Pepsico’s Frito-Lay (Dallas, London, Bern) he developed and implemented an international purchasing strategy focusing on securing a privileged access to key supplier resources, strengthening competitive advantages. During his last corporate position, as head of global purchasing with GSK Biologicals (Brussels), he transformed purchasing from a tactical and administrative function to a powerful support of strategic initiatives. At EDHEC he applied the models of transformation developed for supplier management to the field of digital transformation, focusing on the governance and culture components of digital transformation.

He co-authored two books on Strategic Supplier Management and Value Creation: Collaborative Sourcing (Presses Universitaires de Louvain 2005) and Les Achats collaboratifs (De Boeck 2012). He has also written articles in academic journals and trade magazines. He is an occasional speaker at academic or professional conferences and for global corporations.

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