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Strategic Supplier Management Suggested Reading

Regularly, I receive articles, theses, about strategic supplier management. To write my books and prepare my courses, I have also researched specific topics.

Often students are asking for references to complete thesis, etc. I try to gather material here to help them.

As this material is usually copyrighted, I do not host a copy but, if possible, provide a link. Please let me know if you find a broken link. Some articles are available at a cost, or through learning organizations libraries.

Supplier Management Strategy

With a bit of a historical perspective, here are the articles I gathered on the subject, to write "Collaborative Sourcing" and later, as I kept researching the subject.

Tools for Category Management and Analysis

Everybody knows the term TCO, but do you have the details? How about other tools like LPP?


Designing a high performance purchasing organization is sometimes a challenge. Finding the right balance between a centralized team and local support is one of the issue. Another one is the development of the right team: good supplier management professionals are difficult to find but remain a top priority for CPO

Send your suggestions to add to this list

If you find an article, a reseach paper, etc. that you find interesting, do not hesitate to send me the references, to enrich this list. Feel free to mail your suggestions to Suggested Reading for consideration.