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Strategic Supplier Management Education

Training in Strategic Supplier Management

Through his association with Grenoble Ecole de Management / Grenoble Graduate School of Business, Michel Philippart assists corporations to enhance the supplier management skills of their managers. Programs are usually custom developed and include a mix of cases, theory, role playing. They cover a wide range of essential skills from the basics like cost analysis and negotiation preparedness, to the more advanced like supplier development, strategic partnerships. Soft / behavioral skills can also be included in programs, such as project management, presentation to hostile audiences, etc.

To complete the training, individual coaching and project support allow to significantly enhance the success of transformation projects. This approach can replace traditional consulting projects by empowering your own resources, which significantly increase the acceptation of the recommendations versus externally developed solutions. If you seek assistance, do not hesitate to contact him.

Education in Strategic Supplier Management

In addition to corporate training initiatives, Michel Philippart contributes to many education programs in supplier management, such as:


Michel Philippart uses cases built from his observation of current and past business practices.

Some are published with pedagogical notes

Others are used in class settings but not published

Promotion of initial education in Purchasing / Procurement

Building a world class supplier management team can be made difficult because of a shortage of qualified professionals. It is often caused by the lack of initial training in the field offered by business schools. Supplier management should become a more common feature in management programs, as a major, as an optional course, or even as a full fledged Master. A few countries like France have developed a rich offering in the field but in most markets, there is no suitable education for interested students.

In addition to the programs above, a collaboration with the International Entrepreneurship Academy at Jönköping University. He also works with Professor Darli Rodrigues Vieira, Coordinator of the MBA in Management of Logistic Systems and Project Management at the University of Curitiba, to include a supplier management module in the program.

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Custom Programs to Transform Supplier Management Teams

Michel Philippart assists companies in transforming their supplier management resources. Upgrading skills, coaching and mentoring projects, developing customized programs are some of the activities he is regularly performing for companies in fields as diverse as Defense or Commercial Retail.

International Business

Michel Philippart has also brought his extensive international experience to students in "International Business".