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The first courses were based on Michel Philippart's experience in strategic purchasing. His interest in disruptive transformation and intangible assets lead him to develop a broader range of courses.

Institutional Collaborations

Michel Philippart has contributed to many education programs in supplier management, such as:

Corporate and executive training

Corporate training cannot be a mere transposition of academic training. The target population is more mature, and has already a perspective on the topic. Therefore, impactful corporate training requires preparation based on situations encountered in the learning environment. Michel Philippart has run and lead ambitious multi-year training programs for global leaders, deployed from China to the USA.

Through his association business schools, Michel Philippart assists corporations to enhance the supplier management skills of their managers. Programs are usually custom developed and include a mix of cases, theory, role playing. They cover a wide range of essential skills from the basics like cost analysis and negotiation preparedness, to the more advanced like supplier development, strategic partnerships. Soft / behavioral skills can also be included in programs, such as project management, presentation to hostile audiences, etc.

To complete the training, individual coaching and project support allow to significantly enhance the success of transformation projects. This approach can replace traditional consulting projects by empowering internal own resources, which significantly increase the acceptation of the recommendations versus externally developed solutions. If you seek assistance, do not hesitate to contact him.

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