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Value creation in virtual reality demands a focus on guest experience, not technology

In January 2022, Michel Philippart developed a new course to introduce the opportunities of value creation with new technologies to M2 students of the European Apprenticeship Program at EDHEC, including Artificial Intelligence, blockchain based technologies, Internet of Things, and virtual reality / the Metaverse. For that topic, he enlisted the support of SIA Partners who provided a demonstration platform. Students had to develop business concepts leveraging the virtual reality tools, as illustrated by this video.

This session opened new opportunities, amongst which a focus on virtual mobility as a business tool. Michel Philippart was invited to contribute to the Global Mobility Call congress (Madrid, June 2022) and to be invited to present a new framework to structure the development of those virtual mobility solutions at the MENACIS 2022 conference in Dharhan, Saudi Arabia.

Framework to develop business mobility oriented solutions in virtual reality

You can see his presentation for the Dharhan conference in this video