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Purchasign Leadership

CPO questions

To answer those effectively, the CPO needs new skills in its staff, blending the knowledge of tools necessary for category management, and competencies to lead project, influence others, and deliver transformation

Organizational Skills to Influence beyond Hierarchy

Much focus in skill development for purchasing is on technical tools. The basics centers around negotiation. More sophisticated training programs focus on "Category Management" and "Supplier Relations Management". But is it sufficient?

To obtain its full impact the purchasing professionnal must also develop organizational skills

The procurement function most mature status requires its leaders to deploy a balanced skill set, blending technical and organizational skills. At each level of the Supplier Management contribution Matrix corresponds a stage in maturity

Purchasing Maturity

Thos skills are derived from the works of Covey on leadership, and the grounded observations of Jean-Louis Viargues, (Kedge, HEC) expert in team relationships.

  1. Listen to understand the stakeholders
  2. Be creative and assertive to leverage technical skills and develop solutions
  3. Engage all stakeholders to convince effectively
  4. Become an effective change manager to deliver the identified benefits

Those elements become natural components in the development of category management to move beyond the tools of continuous operational improvements that draw companies towards imitation and homogeneity, not performance differences.

Leadership dans le Category Management